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“Segun delivered superior professionalism as he worked on my leg. I was already accustomed to soft tissue manipulation but the effects of the dry needling produced immediate results. The fact that he came to me made things very easy based on my work schedule. I’m definitely going to need him on a repeat basis”.

Johnathan Bender

Indiana Pacers/ NY Knicks

“Thanks be to God that I have not needed therapy often in my athletic career, but the time I’ve needed it I have had a wide range of experiences. Most showed a clear pattern… a sense of apathy as if the therapist wasn’t interested in me or my journey but simply wanting to get me out the office. Segun was the odd man out. When I was sent to Segun I had suffered my worst injury yet, a torn meniscus. I had hopes of continuing to play soccer in college and this injury threw a 6 month wrench in that journey. However in hindsight it was FAR from a wrench. It was a new beginning of my career. Having Segun as my therapist was a true blessing. I’ve never been pushed so hard to be the best I can be in my sport. From 7am mornings on the versa climber to doing one touch passes off a wall on the basketball court. Segun was truly an inspiration and a major part in helping me to be able to take my game to the college level. If you want a therapist who cares for you and will do everything within himself to get you to where you want to be, Segun is the man to go too!”

Nathaniel Blake

Midfield/ Forward Position
Southwestern University Mens Soccer

“Segun was assigned as my Physical Therapist after my left lower leg amputation. I couldn’t have asked for a more knowledgeable and dedicated PT than Segun. He tailored my extensive therapy to me, my lifestyle, and goals. Pushing, encouraging, and challenging me constantly to push through and excel. His aggressive, personal style is what sets him apart. He truly has your best interest at heart and goes above and beyond to provide quality care and it doesn’t stop outside the clinic.”

Todd S.

Retired Force Recon Marine

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